This Elon Musk interview resonates with me

Everyday Astronaut interviewed Elon Musk whilst being shown around Starbase. It’s really interesting to hear two geeks talking tech. What really resonates with me starts at time code 13:30 where Elon describes his thoughts on the development process. It reminds me of my own thoughts on best practice in software companies. I’ll link below, and give the TL;DR so you don’t have to watch it all.

  1. Make your requirements less dumb. Doesn’t matter who came up with the requirements, they’re dumb. If that person is smart it’s more dumb.
  2. Prune the process. If you don’t need to add stuff back in, you didn’t prune enough. Any requirements need to come with a name, not a department. No use having a requirement if there isn’t somebody to back it up. Departments forget.
  3. Simplify or optimise. Common mistake of the smart engineers is to optimise something that shouldn’t exist.
  4. Accelerate cycle time.
  5. Automate, with the sub-note not to duplicate in process automated tests that are represented at the end of the production line.