Yet Another Functional Language

It’s been a while, and I was probably quite ill the last time I wrote anything. Since then I have had a good year, have run a marathon and had a few relapses. One thing has always held true, my utter obsession with creating the latest and greatest whatever.

At the moment it’s a new programming language that I have called YAFL (for now). It sounds kinda cool anyway, so I might stick with it.

Today I turned a corner in its development. For the first time today, I have a full(ish) compliment of operators and can print numbers. Things suddenly accelerated once I added the ability to embed LLVM IR into the language itself, reducing the compiler bloat massively.

I don’t want to write too much here, so if you’re interested, and would like to have a play, here is my GitHub repo:

I’d love to chat about it if anyone is interested. Tomorrow I’m back to work, so development will slow down.


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